Welcome, I'm Stefano.

I share trends and insights on impact investing in tech. I work in assets and funds tokenization, and other adventures in digital transformation.

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Impact Investing in Tech

If we want to leave a legacy, we should stop investing in hype, and start investing in real entrepreneurs – even if (sometimes, especially if) they are from the 'wrong' postal code.

I had the chance to work in 20+ countries. No matter if it’s a rich economy or an emerging market, they are all plenty of opportunities to make an impact.

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A New Kind of Money for 2 Billon People (1min 41sec)

Where it started

When I was a young adult, I got quadruple surgery to my feet. Over twenty hours under the scalpel in four different operations. They cut my tendons, sawed my bones, and fused them again. Continue ›

Resources for Investors

Grow your portfolio in startups and impact investing in tech.

I share trends and insights for family offices, angel investors, and impact investing in tech. A mix of ready-to-use insights and longer guides, every week in your inbox.

    Speaking & corporate training

    What we learn from cutting edge startups is extremely valuable for corporations and for the public.

    Virtual speaking and video training available. The most requested topics include digital transformation, the future of money, and the future of work. Me and my team aim to make the event enjoyable as well as practical and useful.

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    Finance can be fun. Watch the video (43sec)

    Books & Publications

    I love to share what I know

    My work includes two Amazon Bestsellers, a book for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, and different collaborations such as the Fintech Book. I am a big time reader myself – a true ‘bookaholic’ – and I love to share what I know.

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    Things changed fast from this 2016 interview. And now Europe is an hub of exponential opportunities.
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