Are you a startup or running a crowdfunding campaign?

Twice a week I help startups and crowdfunding campaigns at a reduced fee. All profit goes to young startups. If you need support, feel free to contact me on Clarity.

Are you a bigger company or a conference?

If you are thinking of inviting me to a conference or a company training, please note:

I am NOT a futurologist.

I am a practical entrepreneur dealing with what’s going to happen in the next 1-5 years.

As a hobby, I am passionate about the long distant future. But for my job, I focus on the Around-the-corner market and the Around-the-corner technology: what is already here but hidden to most.

A few examples of questions I get often:

1. What’s happening in Fintech (finance technology), smart cities and the sharing economy?

2. What’s really going to happen next year and in three years in our market?

3. How are our competitors adapting right now?

4. Even more important, WHO are our competitors? In a fast-changing market, Facebook can become a bank, and an app from Asia or Africa could disrupt your market in less than a year.

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One More Thing

I spent the first part of my career with big companies, and I know how difficult it is to adapt a major organization in a fast changing market.

Just be aware – I am not going to tell you a reassuring story. You already have enough consultants willing to embellish the truth for a fee.

I am going to share the untold truth. I may be optimistic, light and ironic, still, I am going to share the bad news as much as the good ones.

Before you leave

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